Die Casting Machines

Our large selection of products for die casting machines are designed to improve machine performance and save you money.

Ladles and Reciprocators

Our large selection of products for ladles and reciprocators are designed to improve equipment performance and save you money.

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DieKast offers a wide range of products for all types of die casting equipment.

Controllers for 305 Ladles and 310 Reciprocators

Are your original controls unreliable and costing to much to maintain? DieKast 300 and 330 Series controllers utilize components by Allen Bradley that are reliable, resonably priced, and easy to use.

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World Encoders

DieKast is your authorized distributor for World Encoders. Whatever your application, World Encoders have the right encoder, at the right price.

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DieKast is constantly developing new products and solutions for all types of die casting equipment. From a redesigned component to a new control cabinet, we have numerous products and solutions to help solve your equipment problems.

Weldless Shot Pipe
Shot cylinder rod oil pipes are know to leak on many die casting machines. To solve the problem, DieKast engineered a weld free shot pipe that fixes the leak and the problem that causes the pipes to fail. For more information on this product, please contact your DieKast sales represenative.

Stroke Limiter
Do you have a stoke limiter on your shot cylinder that leaks and is constantly getting jammed? Our redesigned stroke limiter boasts an advanced sealing system, easy adjustability and improved strength. Another major benifit of the new design allows for the plunger rod to be removed from the cylinder head without removing the support housing.


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DieKast is continuously developing new products and solutions for die casters. Some solutions may be as simple as a change in material, while others could be complex assemblies. In either case, before any new product is released to customers, it must perform to our high expectations. To make sure a new product performs well, it must first undergo rigorous testing at our facility. Depending on the product and it's function, DieKast may decide to field test the new product and subject it to the real harsh industry conditions. In these situations, DieKast looks to you, our valued customers for help and feedback.

If you are interested in testing new products from DieKast, call your sales representative and ask to be considered for future product testing. If chosen, you would receive our new product free of charge or at large discounted price. After a certain peroid of time, DieKast would ask for your feedback on the product. In return, you would keep the product and be eligible for future discounts on that product once it's available for purchase. It our way of saying "Thank You" for helping us develop exceptional products.